About the project


1914-1918 Richmond at Home and at War: Local stories and their International Links 

In the months leading up to the centenary of the start of the First World War, the Museum of Richmond identified a considerable gap in knowledge about Richmond borough during the war. Keen to change this, the museum secured a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to undertake a research project on the impact of the First World War on the local area.

A skilled and dedicated team of volunteers have now completed the research phase of the project and this has been used to develop an exhibition, school workshops, and public events.

The exhibition is on display at the Museum of Richmond Old Town Hall gallery until April 22 2015, before going on tour around the borough.  Research is continuing to reveal new information about the war story in Richmond and beyond.  These stories will be published on this blog over the next four years, together with details of related events.


Follow the link to read an article from the local newspaper about this project: Richmond and Twickenham Times.




3 thoughts on “About the project

  1. Hi, I was interested to read about my grandfather, Allan Barr, in one of the interviews you did. However, you have the name of the person you interviewed spelled wrong. Here is the link to the article. And the woman interviewed was Lady Frances Stacey – she is a woman and should have the female spelling of the name Frances…not Francis. It is used incorrectly several times. Would you be able to correct it please.

    • Dear Janet,

      Many thanks for getting in touch. That was just bad editing, I’m afraid; of course it should have been Frances!

      I met Frances during the Museum of Richmond reminiscence sessions and again over follow up visits when we interviewed her and fellow residents. I really enjoyed meeting her and was sad to hear she passed not long after.

      I’m glad she was able to share her memories of your grandfather and that his service is commemorated here.

      Kind regards,


      • Thanks so much for writing. As it turned out my husband and I just spent two weeks in June in France and Belgium and visited Perrone where my grandfather was marching through the village. I connected with a historian there and he took me to the exact place the photo was taken and he was very interested in finding more about my grandfather. It was very lucky that when I went to the museum in Peronne there was a publication by the archaeological Society and that same photo of my grandfather was on the front cover of it. After contacting the president of the Society he was able to take me to the exact spot the photo was taken and he was very interested to do a full article on my grandfather since he knew nothing about that photograph but it had been in his archives. It was so interesting to read that article that you did with Lady Frances Stacey. I had never known he was gassed in the war. I am currently writing a family history book and have now included that fact! My mom was Lady Frances Stacey’s first cousin and she found her back in 2002 and visited her in London. I also went to visit her in 2008. I really do appreciate you writing back. It is so nice that people are keeping the history of these people alive and I commend you on the work you are doing.

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