Richmond WW1 Diary 3 May 1917

Image of poppy

Death of Charles Amor, one of The Alberts dead | 

Charles Ernest Amor was a young man of 26, killed in action at Arras on 3 May 1917. He was a corporal serving in the East Surrey Regiment. His parents, William and Mary, lived at 3 Lorne Road, the Alberts. By the start of the war, Charles had married and was working as a dining room attendant. His widow, Ethel, later remarried and lived in St John’s Grove, Richmond.

The Arras Offensive of April – May 1917 was planned to attack the German defences on the Hindenburg Line. The fierce fighting and conditions meant that many of those who died were never found, their lives and their bodies swallowed by the mud.

Charles’ name is recorded on the Arras Memorial. This commemorates almost 35,000 men from the UK, South Africa, and New Zealand who died at Arras between 1916 and 1918 and have no known grave.

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