Richmond WW1 Diary 14 October 1916

Image of poppy

Home Front news

While the Roll of Honour – obituaries for the fallen servicemen – grew longer in the local papers, efforts were made to try and continue with life as normal.

On October 14, the Richmond & Twickenham Times reported the opening of the new Belgian High School at Onslow Hall, the Green, Richmond. Many thousands of Belgian refugees had settled in the borough while war ravaged their homeland. Classes at the school were taught in French, Flemish and English, to enable the children to integrate with the community, while preparing for their return home.

The newspaper also commented on the war bonus payment awarded to the police. The money was to help cover the increasing cost of living. Married policemen were to be given an extra shilling a week for every child under 15.

Other police, the Special Constables, served as volunteers during the war. They were unpaid and had special responsibilities for safeguarding water supplies against enemy attack.

This short piece of film shows the Specials on parade in Richmond. While it may look like a strange piece with little happening, short films like this would have been shown in local cinemas as part of news bulletins.


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