Richmond WW1 Diary 7 September 1916

Death of Joseph Raffe, one of The Alberts dead

Joseph Archer Raffe was the younger of two sons of Arthur and Emma Raffe to die in the war.

He died at home of his wounds, on 7 September 1916, having been discharged from the army. His funeral in 1916 was held at St Mary Magdalene’s, the same church he had been baptised at just 19 years earlier. Joseph’s grave can be found in Richmond Cemetery, along with other local men who died of their injuries.

Rows of gravestones around the First Worls War memorial in Richmond Cemetery

Richmond Cemetery


Graves like these are cared for by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC), which is also responsible for the cemeteries in Europe and globally. The CWGC is currently running a project to encourage people to learn more about the 300,000 WWI graves it cares for in the UK. The Living Memory programme offers free resources and funding for related activities.

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