New enquiry sessions


New World War One enquiry session at the Museum of Richmond

To commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme and building on the work of the Heritage Lottery funded Richmond At Home & At War project, the session uses historical resources to explore the experiences of six Richmond men who died in 1916.

Presented as portfolios of documents, photos, and objects, pupils are guided through the evidence by the museum education officer and through a series of enquiry questions to piece together the stories of each man.

Each portfolio investigates a different experience, including the boy soldier who lied about his age to enlist, the young man who died serving in India, and the family man who left behind a wife and daughter. This approach will enable pupils to develop their understanding of the war and its impacts by connecting with the personal stories.

Designed for group work, pupils will develop their skills in investigating primary and secondary sources. At the end of the session they present their findings back to the rest of the group, followed by a facilitated discussion of their findings. The session is recommended for Stretch & Challenge or Gifted & Talented groups Year 7- Year 9, or as a great History Club activity. Enquiries from home school networks, youth groups, and informal learning groups are welcomed.

Visit the Museum of Richmond website for full details.

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