Richmond WW1 Diary 1 April 1916

Image of poppy

The Royal Star and Garter Home

The idea behind the Royal Star & Garter Home was to provide pleasant surroundings, the best treatment, and as interesting and useful occupations as possible for the disabled servicemen returning from the trenches. The Herald of 1 April 1916 reported:

“All that human love and care can give will be given here. The best surgeons… the matron is the best procurable, the staff the finest… the generous public vie in love offerings. A piano was asked for – four pianos came; pictures were asked for – seventeen packing cases came; flowers were wanted, a market gardener has offered to supply them… books were desired – 1200 came.”

At the end of the war, the new building was dedicated as the Women of the Empire’s Memorial of the Great War and was formally opened by George V and Queen Mary on 10th July 1924.


These images are from the collection of the Royal Star & Garter Home, which partnered with Museum of Richmond on the Richmond At Home & At War project.


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