Final Richmond YCG WW1 film

We are delighted to present the last of the movies made by the Museum of Richmond Young Curators Group, inspired by our First World War collections.

Amongst the material donated to the museum were the letters of Lieutenant Leonard Despicht, who was awarded the Military Cross for bravery.

The letters were addressed mainly to his two younger sisters and his mother, who he affectionately calls ‘Old Girl’. They focus on the details of life at home, like his sister’s hockey matches, and downplay the horrors of life at the Front. In one reference, Leonard blandly writes of how “our German friends have been on the go”.

The refusal to acknowledge the true nature of the war, particularly in the years before the Somme,is often expressed in the popular idea that ‘it would all be over by Christmas’.

Megan and Lada have explored these ideas in a moving retelling of Leonard’s story, A Gift From Home.

The staff at Museum of Richmond would like to thank all the Young Curators for their hard work, enthusiasm, and creativity.

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