Museum of Richmond Young Curators WW1 films

As promised, we are delighted to launch the first of the films created by the museum’s Young Curators.

The first film is Faces, which explores the relationship between Britain and India during the First World War.

The film was inspired by material from the Museum of Richmond collections, particularly a series of photographs sent from India by Reginald Morgan to his family in Richmond. While hundreds of thousands of highly trained Indian soldiers had been sent to the battlefield in Europe, British recruits were sent to India to take on defensive roles.

Reginald had been posted to Uttar Pradesh as part of the East Surrey Regiment. Amongst the photographs Reginald sent was one of a beautiful Indian woman, with the message on the back; ‘Ask me when home’.

As well as the impact being in India had on soldiers like Reginald, our young curators were keen to explore the response of the Indian people to the soldiers. While most were welcoming on a personal level, there was also hostility to British rule. To many Indians, it was hard to watch their men bravely going off to die in a war for European freedom while Britain continued to deny India freedom.

We would be delighted to share any feedback with the young curators, so please do leave a comment on the blog.

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