The Gallipoli campaign begins and Richmond children support the war

Image of poppy

Allied troops land in Gallipoli

The campaign on the Gallipoli peninsular in Turkey was one of the worse strategic failures of the First World War for the Allies. Lasting from 25 April 1915 to 9 January 1916, around 480,000 Allied troops fought in the campaign. At the end, there were around 47,000 French casualties. British casualties totalled 205,000. This included men who had come from across the empire to support Britain, including Australia, New Zealand and India.

Turkey suffered around 250,000 casualties. However, the Turks had the victory and the campaign influenced the emergence of Turkish nationalism and the movement for independence from the Ottoman Empire.

In Britain, at this early stage of the war, there was much focus on supporting the troops through events and fund-raising. In the April edition of the parish magazine of the Holy Trinity Church, Richmond, a notice was made regarding the boys Sunday school:

“The boys attending the above school unanimously decided to forgo their annual tea and entertainment this year, and requested that the money collected for this purpose should be given to the Red Cross Society. The money collected was £2 5s 6d.”

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