WW1 recruits in Richmond Park

An unusually short post to share an image: Dozens of recruits in civilian clothes muster in the park Taken in March 1915, the back of the photo has the note ‘Chummy on Point Duty’. We do not know who Chummy was.  Presumably he is one of the men in suits waiting to be turned into soldiers, proud and excited at having volunteered.

The image shows recruits from the local area mustering in Richmond Park with what looks like Pembroke Lodge in the distance.  It may be possible to visit the park and match up the view (doubtless it hasn’t changed much!) and stand in the spot where the recruits stood 100 years ago. And perhaps reflect on those who never came back.

If you are in Richmond this Easter and find the spot, do let us know.


Our friends from the Hearsum Collection, who are based in Pembroke Lodge, have suggested this picture may actually be from the Old Deer Park, not Richmond Park.

We know soldiers mustered and even camped in Richmond Park in 1915, so will try and find out what other parks in the area may have been used. The photo itself was printed at the Talbot Studios, Richmond Bridge, so we’ll start there!

And if anyone has any more information, please do get in touch.

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