Richmond WW1 Diary 19 January 1915

Image of poppy

The first Zeppelin raids on Britain

The first Zeppelin air raid had been on the city of Liege, Belgium, on 6 August 1914, when nine civilians were killed. The first fatal air raid on Britain resulted in the deaths of four people on 19 January 1915. Two Zeppelins dropped bombs on the east coast towns of Great Yarmouth and Kings Lynn.

In Richmond, in the early months of the First World War, women had been targeted with advice and instructions on how to ‘win the war in the kitchen’ by not wasting or hoarding food. On 15 January 1915 the Richmond & Twickenham Times opined “…the duty of buying in the ‘right way’ devolves upon every housewife. Women … are the great buyers of the nation and have it in their power to shape and direct the ideals of the coming generation.”

In the weeks following the raids, much more serious advice was directed on how to guard against air raids.

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