Richmond WW1 Diary 17 January 1915

Image of poppy

Death of Alfred Pines, one of The Alberts dead

Alfred George Pines was born in 1896 and spent his early years in Putney, attending St Mary’s School in Wandsworth.  By 1911 he was living at 6 Houblon Road in The Alberts.  The census of that year listed his occupation as ‘van boy’.  Alfred must have been one of the eager young men who volunteered in the opening weeks of the war, as he had been sent to France by the start of 1915.  He probably enlisted on the steps of the Town Hall, now the Old Town Hall and home to the Museum of Richmond.

Alfred served as a Private, 4th Battalion Royal Fusiliers. He was killed in the fighting at Ypres on 17 January 1915 and is commemorated on the Menin Gate.

2 thoughts on “Richmond WW1 Diary 17 January 1915

  1. Thank you for this recognition of Alfred, he was my grandfather’s older brother. My grandfather was subsequently killed in WW2 (HMS Argonaut, Oct 1942).

    • Thank you, Ruth, for getting in touch.

      During the first war, people convinced themselves that it was ‘the war to end all wars’. It must have been heartbreaking for families who’d lost people in the first war to then lose people in the Second World War, so soon after.

      Thank you for sharing your grandfather’s story.

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